Hawksdrift are one of the leading UK bird control companies, specialising in the use of trained birds of prey and falconry to effectively deter pest birds in a natural, humane and environmentally friendly way. This method of bird control is highly effective in scaring the birds away without harming them or interfering with natural instinct. Our team has a strong understanding of the predator/prey relationship formed in the wild, which plays a large part in safely, quickly and thoroughly removing pest birds such as gulls or pigeons.

Using birds of prey is a humane and natural method of removing and deterring pest birds, whilst not having to close down the affected site during the treatment process. This can be a great benefit for locations such as manufacturing plants or factories as they do not have to close down production whilst the falconry treatment is taking place.

All of our birds and handlers are highly trained and have vast experience in the field, making the process efficient and effective from both sides. We have a large amount of experience operating in urban and built-up areas that would normally be difficult to tackle, which makes us a great choice for areas such as offices, industrial estates, hospitals, schools, shops and other urban sites.

At Hawksdrift Falconry, we ensure our data collection and methodology complies with BRC and Environmental Auditing.

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Hawksdrift Falconry - Devon. The creation of a base for breeding and training of hawks for the purpose of providing natural pest control solutions in the South West.

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