Bird Control

Pest birds such as gulls, pigeons, corvids (crow family) and starlings can often cause damage and mess which requires constant effort to maintain. We offer a wide range of bird proofing solutions for you, tailored to your specific situation, these include:


Netting - Our team can fit specialised bird netting to cover large areas, preventing all access for pest birds to gain entry and settle. Excluding birds from the affected area is a 100% successful solution for many locations. Nets can be fitted to areas of all shapes and sizes including canopies, entranceways, courtyards, warehouse internal structure and full scale netting systems for complete complete roofs.


Avipoint ® - Commonly referred to as ‘Bird Spikes’, this equipment prevents pest birds perching on the edges of buildings and roofing.


Avishock ® - Avishock systems produce a low voltage, non-lethal electrical shock to deter pest birds in the area. This modern alternative to Avipoint has a low profile fitting which creates a low visual impact making the product one of the most popular bird control installations when aesthetics are a high priority.


Trapping - Trapping services can be supplied for clients requiring nuisance birds removed quickly and efficiently. In compliance with relevant legislation certain bird species can be trapped for removal from unsuitable areas. Please enquire for further information.

Accessing - Hawkdrift technicians are trained in working at height, scaffolding, ladders, operation of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms and our team includes IRATA rope abseil qualified operators. Our clients can be sure that we can access all areas safety and legally to carry out bird control installations.


Cleaning - Hawksdrift supplies bird fouling clearances including bulk fouling, air conditioning cleaning and reach and wash systems.


Bird Wire - Bird wire is a stainless steel cable that prevents pest birds from landing on building ledges & other long surfaces that tend to attract birds.


Marksman - Where no other method can be successfully deployed Hawksdrift can supply skilled marksmen to remove target species, this service is supplied under strict licencing conditions and complies with all legislation. A site survey will be required to verify the need and safety of shooting, other services will be offered first and foremost.

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