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Hawksdrift provides natural bird dispersal by use of birds of prey. We control all avian pest species including gulls and feral pigeon. This method involves dispersing problem birds from the area requiring treatment, it is highly effective, environmentally friendly, natural and public friendly as it does not involve culling.

Using trained birds of prey is the most natural way to disperse unwanted flocks of birds. Hawksdrift Falconry specializes in controlling Gulls and Feral pigeons. We use hawks and falcons that have been specially trained by ourselves. Our team of birds are accustomed to working in urban and industrial environments, our falconers are specially trained in disturbance techniques and hold health and safety certificates.

It is not necessary for our hawks to catch or kill the nuisance birds, just their presence will frighten unwanted birds away, and therefore our natural method of pest control is the most humane and environmentally friendly. Many companies use our work for P.R publicity. This system of control is very effective and financially viable.

Every site is different so we offer a free site survey to discuss your requirements. A successful bird deterrent program requires timing, organization, persistence and diversity. We will draw up a program of treatment and quotation for you.

Bird dispersal can be used for landfill, airfields, industrial sites, town centers and farmland.

We provide a free site survey, demonstration and quotation.
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