Falconry Talks


falconry talks

Hawksdrift Falconry provides interactive talks for groups / clubs.

One of our Barn Owls and one of our Harris Hawks will be accompanied by their falconer, Layla.

Layla will speak about both the ancient art of Falconry, its history and modern day practice and the conservation of native wild birds of prey. She will also take you through recognition of wild birds of prey in your area.

Both “Hope” and “Olivia” will be free flown during the talk, the owl will demonstrate her beautiful silent flight and the Hawk will provide a touch of humour as he will inevitably choose a member of the audience to land on! The Hawk will be available after the talk to be free flown by everyone.

Our talks aim to be educational and fun given in an informal style to captivate audiences of all ages. There is plenty of opportunity for questions.  Layla has spoken for National Geographic, The Rotary Club, The Probus Club, and The Women’s Institute. Please ask for references.


Visitors / Callers to Hawksdrift Falconry are
Strictly by Appointment Only