Falconry Displays

displays 1displays 2Hawksdrift falconry provide displays throughout the u.k. Our displays included a comprehensive static display at your event all day manned by two professional falconers.

Members of the public are offered a hands on experience, they can ask questions and have their photographs taken with hawks and owls we also have two friendly ferrets on display. Odisplays 3ur display aims to educate both young and old alike, our falconers are dedicated displays 4to the promotion of the sport of falconry and the conservation of native birds of prey.

During the day we will provide two thirty minute interactive flying displays. These displays include flying of hawks, buzzards, owls and falcons and even the ferrets take part! Audience members are asked into the displays 5arena to participate. The display is informative and educational with a touch of humour and will appeal to all ages.

We can be booked for any event from countrydisplays 6 shows to town carnivals and even private parties.

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Visitors / Callers to Hawksdrift Falconry are
Strictly by Appointment Only